Casey Augustine

CSCL Parent

Love love love the family community that CSCL brings. God is filled in this place. Staff is always there to pray, teach and help guide our children on this journey called life. We are so thankful for this school– it is like no other.


Meghan Hirth

CSCL Parent

We have had our eldest son in Comenius for 2.5 years. We have watched him blossom in confidence and creativity. He loves to go to school and we love the positive impact the school has had on him and the life lessons he brings home to us. Knowing what I know now about this school I would easily move across the country to get him in this environment.


Ruth Rogers

5th Grade Student

Going to this school is a great way to get closer to God.

Table Tennis



Senior Student

Being at CSCL has made me a lot more socially confident and taught me to see the positive sides of things. Academically, I have learned to look at both sides of things rather than just believing what I hear.



7th Grade Student

Being at CSCL has impacted my walk with Jesus because before I came to CSCL, I wouldn’t worship that much. Worshipping every morning has helped me talk to God.


Guidance counselor

Linville Hill Christian School, Pennsylvania

I was impressed with the teachers command of their students in each classroom and thus had respect from the students. Lots of smiles, nods, and engaged students of all ages.Teachers were impressive in their ability to keep the students focused, engaged, and behavior contained but not in a controlling manner. They demonstrated their desire to teach and to have each student understand what they are teaching.


Sam Fickess

4th Grade Student

I love CSCL because I can connect with God and I love God because He has done miracles in my life.