Middle Grades

Middle School Information

The middle school years are such a transitional time for most children as they leave childhood and move into young adulthood with numerous questions about truth and direction. Because of this fact, the sixth-grade class is introduced to the responsibilities of upper school while still maintaining some of the structure and support provided in elementary. CSCL provides students with opportunities to develop their God-given abilities and interests through worship training, middle school sports and fifth block electives. The unique needs of this age group are met with Biblical principles, values, academics and support from teachers as they pursue God’s plan for their lives.... (Read More)

The instructional methods and curriculum in middle school build upon the foundation laid in the elementary grades. We continue to use BJU Press textbooks for literature, writing, grammar, science and history. This curriculum intertwines biblical worldview into the material taught thus providing the students with an opportunity not only to see the world from a biblical perspective, but also to assess, evaluate and solve problems in a godly way. For math we use the Singapore instructional method (concrete – pictorial – abstract) that helps students understand how math works rather than just having them memorize rules. In 6th grade we complete the Singapore math Standards Edition before moving on to the Dimensions text in 7th and 8th grades. Regardless of the subject, the small class size, hands on learning and creative teaching methods engage and inspire the students.

Morning chapel is an important part of each day. Students lead praise and worship, often through their own written songs. Prayer and other leadership roles are cultivated during this time, which allow students to build self-confidence and ownership for the atmosphere of the school.

[ROW] 1 [NAME] Clint Rogers [POSITION] 8th - 12th Grade History [BIOGRAPHY] Clint Rogers has been teaching eighth through 12th grade Social Studies at CSCL since 2006. He began teaching in public schools in Atlanta in 1999. He believes “school” in its current form is broken and needs an “evolution”. He has an innate understanding that the classroom needs to be a place full of fun and filled with risk-taking, but at the same time, there should be work accomplished and preparation for the world we live in both today and in the future. [END]
[ROW] 1 [NAME] Gage Long [POSITION] Technology [BIOGRAPHY] [END]
[ROW] 1 [NAME] Lisa Ansley [POSITION] 6th Grade History [BIOGRAPHY] Lisa Ansley began teaching 6th grade History at CSCL in 2021. She is a veteran educator with a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and over 30 years experience with home schooling, public schools, and Christian schools at both the elementary and middle school levels. She is a mobilizer who finds great joy in assisting the KIng as He awakens young hearts to Himself and to their own purpose. [END]
[ROW] 1 [NAME] Wendy Smith [POSITION] 7th Grade Math and Geometry [BIOGRAPHY] Wendy Smith has been teaching at CSCL since 2016. She teaches seventh grade English and Math, Geometry, and American Sign Language. She is passionate for Kingdom Education and discipling the youth of today. Her greatest desire is to see passion ignited in a young person, discovering who they are created to be along with a “real” relationship with the Lord. In her free time, she is a waterfall chaser! [END]
[ROW] 2 [NAME] Angela Reed [POSITION] 6th Grade Math [BIOGRAPHY] Angela Reed has been teaching fifth and sixth grade math at CSCL since 2019. She graduated from Queens University with an Elementary Education degree and is married with four children. She has a passion for teaching math, and loves when her students discover the joy and fun in that subject. [END]
[ROW] 2 [NAME] Valerie Griffin [POSITION] 6th & 7th Grade English [BIOGRAPHY] Valerie Griffin has been teaching at CSCL since 2013. She has taught fifth and sixth English and math, and currently teaches middle school English. Canadian by birth, she received both her Honors BA and BEd from universities in Ontario, Canada. She has taught both domestically and abroad for over 25 years. She is passionate about students discovering the heart of God and their own gifts as they grow in knowledge, skill, wisdom and creativity. [END]
[ROW] 2 [NAME] Kari Barr [POSITION] 8th Grade Algebra [BIOGRAPHY] Kari Barr has been teaching “all things” Algebra at CSCL since 2014. She is passionate about every student seeing that they can learn and be successful at math – whether they like it or not. [END]
[ROW] 3 [NAME] Crissy Holzer [POSITION] 6th Grade Science [BIOGRAPHY] Crissy Holzer has been teaching middle school and high school Science at CSCL since 2016. She desires to see the that the students believe in themselves, are confident in who they are and what they can do, knowing that they can do hard things really well when they put forth the effort. Her heart for them is that they would know that uniqueness is beautiful and when we can embrace fully who we are in Christ, nothing is impossible. [END]
[ROW] 3 [NAME] Mario Noviello [POSITION] 7th & 8th grade Science [BIOGRAPHY] Mario J. Noviello is a certified Health and Physical Education teacher. He has a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition, Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science, and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through American College of Sports Medicine. His teaching background comes from higher education at Winthrop University and York Technical College. He also owns an Olympic Style Boxing gym that helps mentor local youth building confidence and instilling leadership skills that will help them become more productive members of society. His passions in life are development of youth and young adults teaching them the entrepreneur spirit, following their dreams, and utilizing their gifts that God has given them. [END]
[ROW] 3 [NAME] Michael Fickess [POSITION] 8th Grade English, Middle School Bible [BIOGRAPHY] Michael Fickess has been teaching at CSCL since 2013, and serves as Bible teacher for grades K-11. He also teaches American Literature and English Composition. As Bible teacher, he is devoted to calling students to pursue a more intimate relationship with God through authentic community, effective prayer, revelational knowledge of Scripture, and a hunger for the “deeper things” of God. Michael's background as a prolific author, intercessor, speaker, and teacher gives him a wealth of experience to sow into the students' lives. He and his wife, Rachelle, live in Charlotte, North Carolina, and have two children, Samuel and Ari. Michael's books include Enoch’s Blessing, Paths of Ever-Increasing Glory, Start the Countdown, The Restoration of All Things, The Rise of His Holy Ones, The Great Acceleration Trilogy, and the CSCL Bible Curriculum Series. [END]