Lower Grades

Elementary School Information

The lower school lays a strong academic foundation, imparting a love for the Word while instilling Godly character, encouraging creativity, and allowing freedom to flow in the Spirit to prepare students to impact the world... (Read More)

The core of a strong academic foundation is the love for learning. CSCL teachers, assistants, and volunteers have been trained in multisensory methods of teaching students to read. Small group instruction in phonics is centered around student ability. Teachers assess students throughout the year to monitor progress in reading fluency. CSCL uses the Accelerated Reader program to monitor the development of reading comprehension as well as to instill a love for reading. CSCL values creativity. With this in mind, teachers use a variety of sources for written instruction, which begins with the foundation of good sentence writing. Students progress toward creative and expository writing.

Hands on activities and engaged learning are undamental to the understanding mathematics. CSCL uses the Singapore math program, which builds the students understanding from a  concrete model, through a pictorial representation, to the abstract number sentence. Engaged learning happens when students are having fun. Our math program incorporates games to introduce and solidify concepts and master fact fluency.

A unique approach has been  developed for science, history and elective classes. Teachers instruct in their field of expertise and passion and students rotate to them. Science is a hands-on, standards-based, investigation of the world that God created. History instruction is centered around The Story of the World and regularly incorporates hands on projects. Field trips play an important part in the learning process. Just some of these trips include attending the theatre, exploring science museums and visiting historical sites in the Southeast.

In Bible, the emphasis is on sowing the Word in the anointing of the Holy Spirit, to bring students into a personal relationship with Jesus. Our basic approach is to see all of the scriptures as a whole prophesying that Jesus is the Redeemer, Savior, and Lord. The focus of our weekly chapel is on spiritual disciplines including worship, forgiveness and thankfulness. Our goal is for the students to know their identity in Christ, how to hear His voice and how to flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

[ROW] 1 [NAME] Casey Bowden [POSITION] Kindergarten [BIOGRAPHY] Casey Bowden began teaching at CSCL in 2018 as a phonic teacher and recess overseer. She also partners with our kindergarten teacher in the classroom and teaches elementary history. She was previously a children’s pastor at a local church. She is passionate about seeing children receive keys they need for life-long education. [END]
[ROW] 1 [NAME] Marcia Rensink [POSITION] 1st Grade Teacher [BIOGRAPHY] Marcia Rensink has been teaching first grade at CSCL since 2013. Before that she taught elementary students for 19 years in both public and charter schools. She is passionate about giving young children tools for having a personal relationship with God. [END]
[ROW] 1 [NAME] Jacqueline Noviello [POSITION] 2nd Grade Teacher [BIOGRAPHY] Jacqueline Noviello has been teaching second grade at CSCL since 2013. She is a 2004 CSCL graduate. After high school, she earned her Early Childhood Degree from Winthrop University. Her passions are creative writing and teaching students about health and fitness. [END]
[ROW] 2 [NAME] Erin Hogan [POSITION] 3rd Grade [BIOGRAPHY] Erin Hogan has been teaching at CSCL since 2014. She is also a 2004 CSCL graduate. After high school, she earned her Elementary Education Degree from Queens University of Charlotte. She is passionate about teaching children to read and enjoys teaching elementary science. [END]
[ROW] 2 [NAME] Rachelle Fickess [POSITION] 4th Grade Teacher [BIOGRAPHY] Rachelle Fickess has 20 years experience working with kids and youth in the US and abroad. She has a Bachelor and Masters degree in social work. She has a passion working with children and training them up to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. She is married to Michael and they have 2 sons that attend CSCL. [END]
[ROW] 2 [NAME] Kaity Walters [POSITION] 4/5th Team Teacher [BIOGRAPHY] Kaity Walters has been teaching third grade at CSCL since 2017. Transformation is at the center of her heart, whether speaking of individuals, organizations, or nations. She is passionate to see growth and change in the world around her, and because of this, she is an integral part of the Upper School Mentoring Team. [END]
[ROW] 2 [NAME] Angela Reed [POSITION] 5th Grade Math [BIOGRAPHY] Angela Reed has been teaching fifth and sixth grade math at CSCL since 2019. She graduated from Queens University with an Elementary Education degree and is married with four children. She has a passion for teaching math, and loves when her students discover the joy and fun in that subject. [END]
[ROW] 3 [NAME] Ansley Burns [POSITION] 5th Grade [BIOGRAPHY] Ansley Burns has been teaching fifth and sixth grade English as well as fifth grade History at CSCL since 2019. She has taught both domestically and abroad for 15 years. She is passionate about students discovering the heart of God and their own gifts as they grow in knowledge, skill, wisdom and creativity. [END]
[ROW] 4 [NAME] Sharrona Watson [POSITION] Drama [BIOGRAPHY] Sharrona Watson has been a teacher at CSCL since 2012. She currently teaches elementary drama. She has a strong desire to see youth discover their potential and boldly walk in it. [END]
[ROW] 3 [NAME] Michael Fickess [POSITION] Bible [BIOGRAPHY] Michael Fickess has been teaching at CSCL since 2013, and serves as Bible teacher for grades K-11. He also teaches American Literature and English Composition. As Bible teacher, he is devoted to calling students to pursue a more intimate relationship with God through authentic community, effective prayer, revelational knowledge of Scripture, and a hunger for the “deeper things” of God. Michael's background as a prolific author, intercessor, speaker, and teacher gives him a wealth of experience to sow into the students' lives. He and his wife, Rachelle, live in Charlotte, North Carolina, and have two children, Samuel and Ari. Michael's books include Enoch’s Blessing, Paths of Ever-Increasing Glory, Start the Countdown, The Restoration of All Things, The Rise of His Holy Ones, The Great Acceleration Trilogy, and the CSCL Bible Curriculum Series. [END]
[ROW] 3 [NAME] Karen Wolfe [POSITION] Reading Program - Student Support [BIOGRAPHY] Karen Wolfe has been teaching at CSCL since 2010. She currently oversees the reading program, teaches small groups, and works with students who need extra support. She loves helping students restore confidence in their abilities and seeing them realize their true potential. [END]
[ROW] 3 [NAME] Zdenka Alexova [POSITION] Art [BIOGRAPHY] Zdenka has been teaching Photography class at CSCL since 2019. She is currently teaching elementary art classes. She graduated from the Pedagogical School in the Czech Republic as a elementary teacher of art education, music and physical education. The Moravian heritage and the heritage of Jan Amos Comenius brought her here. Her passion is to help children find their talents and show them how to worship God through art. [END]
[ROW] 4 [NAME] Philip Roxas [POSITION] Technology and Graphic Design [BIOGRAPHY] Philip Roxas has been teaching Technology & Graphic Design at CSCL since 2019. Previously, he was involved in business providing creative services such as photography, graphic and web design to a wide variety of clients. He is passionate about teaching students how to use technology as a tool for creative and technical endeavors to make the world a better and more beautiful place. [END]
[ROW] 4 [NAME] Mario Noviello [POSITION] Physical Education [BIOGRAPHY]Mario J. Noviello is a certified Health and Physical Education teacher. He has a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition, Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science, and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through American College of Sports Medicine. His teaching background comes from higher education at Winthrop University and York Technical College. He also owns an Olympic Style Boxing gym that helps mentor local youth building confidence and instilling leadership skills that will help them become more productive members of society. His passions in life are development of youth and young adults teaching them the entrepreneur spirit, following their dreams, and utilizing their gifts that God has given them. [END]