Making Disciples in the CSCL Bible Program

As Jesus explained, we must know both “the scriptures and the power of God” in order to avoid error and have a healthy and growing relationship with God (see Matthew 22:29). For this reason, the goal of CSCL’s Bible program is to create a balance of “Word” and “Spirit” across all grade levels. This is why we take time to reinforce the core truths of the Bible, while also providing frequent opportunities for activation of every child’s spiritual gifts, discipleship, discussion, and creative expression. For example, you might walk into a Bible class and see dozens of teenagers discussing one of Paul’s epistles, watch a group of kindergartners drawing what heaven looks like to them, or witness a class of third graders seeing a dramatic physical healing happen as they pray.... (Read More)

CSCL’s Bible program is designed to impart the most important truths children need in order to become passionate disciples of Christ. This is why our primary emphasis is on knowing the full promise of Christ’s redemption and creating a daily walk with God, with practical instruction and practice in areas such as prayer, repentance, forgiveness, dealing with temptation, understanding the Bible, and developing a Christ-like character. In lower grades, the Bible lessons usually focus on one key concept each week and children are given a chance to respond to each message, either through spiritual activations (such as praying for each other or learning to hear from God) or through creative expression (such as illustrating the seven days of creation). In middle and upper grades, our focus is often on reinforcing the promise of the gospel, creating a healthy sense of identity, and addressing the areas where teenagers may struggle from a Biblical viewpoint—usually followed by small-group discussion or prayer to process and practice what we learn.

While our student body includes families from many different churches in the area, CSCL is part of Morningstar Ministries and shares Morningstar Fellowship Church’s Statement of Faith. [For more information, see here: We consider it an honor to partner with you to see your children grow in faith and relationship with God.

Michael Fickess serves as Bible teacher for grades K-11 and also teaches American Literature and English composition. As our Bible teacher, he is devoted to calling our students to pursue a more intimate relationship with God through authentic community, effective prayer, revelational knowledge of Scripture, and hunger for the “deep things” of God.

Michael’s background as a prolific author, intercessor, speaker, and teacher give him a wealth of experience to sow into our students’ lives. He and his wife, Rachelle, live in Charlotte, North Carolina, and have two children, Samuel and Ari. Michael’s books include Enoch’s Blessing, Paths of Ever-Increasing Glory, Start the Countdown, The Restoration of All Things, The Rise of His Holy Ones, The Great Acceleration Trilogy, and the CSCL Bible Curriculum Series.