[ROW] 1 [NAME] Sandy Woods [POSITION] Principal [BIOGRAPHY] Sandy Woods has been a teacher and administrator at the Comenius School for Creative Leadership (CSCL) since July 2000; principal since 2010. She currently teaches Leadership to the senior class twice a week and oversees daily morning chapel services. Sandy is passionate about changing the classroom from a dull place of intellectual stagnation into a vibrant oasis of sensory engagement where each student is challenged to excel. [END]
[ROW] 1 [NAME] Sheila Lester [POSITION] Vice Principal of Academics, Guidance [BIOGRAPHY] Sheila Lester has been at CSCL since 2012. She is Vice Principal of Guidance and teaches Senior Bible. Previously, she spent nearly 25 years as a teacher and Vice Principal in public education where she worked extensively in the area of School Reform. She is passionate about God’s plan for school reform and building small “Kingdom” schools, both in the U.S. and abroad. Her desire is that students receive revelation of God’s love and answer His call to walk in intimacy with him, that they find their “path”, and they be prepared to walk that path in the next phase of their life. [END]
[ROW] 1 [NAME] Trace White [POSITION] Vice Principal of Student Life [BIOGRAPHY] Trace White has been at CSCL since 2016. He is the Vice Principal of Student Affairs and teaches Leadership and Entrepreneurship, but is most passionate about mentoring the next generation to shift the spheres of influence in society. He is a school planter and advocate of Kingdom Education. [END]