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  • Dec.15-17,GovEcon,Finals week M -Sup. Ct. Video + notes -lecture: Judicial branch -Mock trial 4 Tu -Mock trial 4, cont. -Sup. Ct. Simulation + notes -Review for final W -Final NB check -Final -Government -Final Coverpage Read More
  • Dec 1-4, GovEcon Mon -Coverpage definitions: Judicial Branch -Judicial branch Vocab. -Mock trial 1 notes & roles -Sup.Ct. Case study: NJ v. TLO Tue -Mock trial 1, students are attorneys, witnesses, & jury -Notes: Art. 3/Const. -Sup.Ct. Case study: NJ v. TLO Wed -Mock trial 2, students are attorneys, witnesses, & jury -Quiz Judicial branch -Sup.Ct. Case study: Miranda v. AZ Thu -Mock trial 2, students are attorneys, witnesses, & jury -notebook check ... Read More
  • Dec. 1-4, US History Mon – Video: WW 1 + notes -Film clip: Path of Glory -Geneaology: students family history (WW1 draft cards) Tue -Notes: WW1 warfare -Film: Paths of Glory + notes -Sup.Ct Case Study: Schenk v. U.S. Wed -Film: Paths of Glory + notes -Map: WW1 world map during/after war -Review WW1 material Thu -quiz: WW1 -Coverpage: Progressive era -Mystery dinner play – pass out roles, discuss, learn parts Read More
  • Nov.24-25, USHist.,GovEcon MON US History: -video: Roaring 20s + Notes -Quiz: 1920s-1930s -Notebook check -Prog report Gov/Econ: -Bureacracy charts, Fed. govt. + discussion -review Executive Branch material -quiz: Exec. branch TUE Thanksgiving Feast! Read More
  • #2Welcome!-materials If your “Fortunate” enough to have my class…here are the materials needed for any of the classes I teach: One  3 or 5 subject spiral notebook (size glue sticks something to write with each day       Read More
Clint Rogers

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