K5 / Elementary

Elementary School Information

General Information

The lower school lays a strong academic foundation, imparting a love for the Word while instilling Godly character, encouraging creativity, and allowing freedom to flow in the Spirit to prepare students to impact the world.

The core of a strong academic foundation is the love for learning. Teachers, assistants, and volunteers have been trained in multisensory methods of teaching. CSCL offers small group instruction in math and phonics centered around student ability.

Core Academics

Written instruction is a combination of traditional expository writing and the Lucy Calkins model, which promotes students seeing themselves as writers. Our upper elementary and middle school students have consistently scored above the 90th percentiles on the Educational Records Bureau private school norms writing exam. Most importantly, students are truly developing a love for writing and reading.

A unique approach has been developed for science, history and elective classes in the afternoons. Teachers instruct in their field of expertise and passion and students rotate to them. Science is a hands-on, standards-based, investigation of the world that God created. History instruction is centered around in depth unit studies. Students have opportunities to create historical reenactments, write and perform historical dramas, visit historical sites in the southeast, research events and historical figures, and read quality historical fiction and primary documents.

Spiritual Training

In Bible, the emphasis is on sowing the Word in the anointing of the Holy Spirit, to bring students into a personal relationship with Jesus. Our basic approach is to see all of the scriptures as a whole prophesying that Jesus is the Redeemer, Savior, and Lord. School-wide, monthly core character traits have been instrumental in creating a culture of honor and respect in the elementary.

“Taking it to the Streets” is a powerful elective class for first through fifth grade. Students learn how to function in the gifts of intercession, healing, evangelism, and prophetic ministry. They have opportunity to minister to other students, teachers, the homeless, the elderly, and at hospitals.