High School


Upper school students start each day with worship and prayer in a corporate setting with CSCL staff.  Every Tuesday, staff and students of middle and high school gather for about an hour and a half for worship and inspirational guest speakers. Students lead praise and worship, often through their own written songs. Chapel is one of the most joyous and creative times at our school.  Prayer and other leadership roles are cultivated during this time, which allow students to build self-confidence and ownership for the atmosphere of the school.

Following morning worship, students begin their selected classes. CSCL chooses to use intensive scheduling because we believe it is the key to concentrated study and the release of creativity and Holy Spirit inspiration within the classroom. Students in grades six through twelve study two courses per marking period, concentrating on developing mastery in each subject.  Classes at CSCL are small in size, yet innovative in their approach to instruction, with an emphasis on broadening higher level thinking skills and generating student produced projects in all grades.

Academically, students are challenged to develop their analytical skills as well as their communication skills. They are provided the opportunities to communicate comfortably and confidently to others. As a school dedicated to raising up creative leaders, our teachers use a variety of instructional methods to teach concepts within their classrooms.

CSCL offers several extracurricular activities that cover many areas of interest; some of which include: fashion design, photography, music, sports, and art. Students also have the opportunity to intern within their field of interest, which encourages and helps them grow spiritually and mentally.