Week of September 24th


Monday: rounding

  • SW round numbers to the nearest ten thousand, hundred thousand, or million.
  • Text Book page 24

Tuesday: rounding

  • SW practice rounding whole numbers.
  • Text book page 25

Wednesday: Math test on rounding

Thursday: Factors

  • SW understand factors using rectangular arrays.
  • SW understand the concept of composite numbers and prime numbers.
  • Text book page 27 and 28
  • Work book page 21 and 22


  • SW read and discuss chapters 7 and  8 of the Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing.
  • SW work with words that have multiple meanings and use the context of sentence and paragraph to determine the meaning.
  • SW interpret simple dictionary entries, especially pronunciation clues, definitions, and sample sentences.

Writing and Grammar

  • SW review the strokes needed to make cursive letters (down curve, over curve, under curve, and slant.
  • SW review the size of cursive letters. For example, tall letters go to the top of the line.
  • Capitalization: SW review that cities, states, countries, and continents are capitalized.
  • Punctuation: SW review that interrogative sentences end in question mark.
  • SW learn that a comma is needed after three or more items in a series.
  • SW will learn that adverbs describe how, when, where, and why the action took place.
  • SW practice using adverbs in their writing.