Week of November 6th

Important information

Completed work was sent home in your child’s agenda on Thursday.

Book orders were sent home on Thursday. If you would like to place an order, please do so by November 9th. You can order online by going to scholastic book clubs, select the parent tab then add my class code LHTDQ.

Remember to save and send in box tops. The school receives 10 cents for every box top we send in. My relatives save and mail me their box tops.

The elementary showcase is on Thursday at 2:00. The elementary will be performing a song they have been working on. There will also be time to visit your child’s classroom and participate in some math games. I will be sharing some ideas to practice multiplication facts.


Monday and Tuesday: Division

  • SW divide a four digit number by a one digit number.
  • SW divide tens and hundreds by ten.
  • SW estimate the quotient.
  • SW divide by ten.
  • Text book pages 62 and 64
  • Work book pages 52 and 53

Wednesday: problem solving with division

  • SW solve problems involving multiplication and division.
  • Text book page 59 and 60
  • Work book page 54 and 55

Thursday: multiplying by ten

  • SW multiply by 10’s
  • Text book page 69
  • Work book page 56

Writing and grammar

  • SW review helping verbs and linking verbs
  • SW learn about subject verb agreement. If the subject is singular an s needs to be added to the action verb. For example, cats jump vs. cat jumps.
  • SW put the finishing touches on their small moment story (edit for spelling and grammar)
  • SW share their small moment story with their parents on Thursday.


  • SW review what synonyms are and identify them.
  • SW vary their own writing by using synonyms.
  • SW recognize and write similes.
  • SW use quotation marks when using someone’s exact words.
  • SW use the lesson words in speaking and writing.