Week of November 27th


Monday and Tuesday

  • SW practice multiplication and division (this will be review)
  • TB page 73
  • WB page 61 and 62


  • More review
  • TB page 74 and 75
  • WB page 63


  • Test over double digit multiplication and division
  • There will be a facts quiz (check your child’s agenda for what he/she is working on)


  • SW identify and use synonyms and antonyms
  • SW use synonyms and antonyms as context clues in reading.
  • SW use synonyms and antonyms to add variety to their writing.



  • Since there is a history test Thursday, we will not have a spelling test this week.
  • SW review verb tenses.
  • We will be doing a nonfiction writing project over the next month. Students will write a three paragraph essay based on an animal they choose to research. We will be doing the research and writing in class. This week students will be introduced to the project and start thinking about an animal they would like to learn more about (wild animal rather than domestic or farm).