week of November 13th

Important information

If your child signed up for the talent show, please send music with him/her to the tryouts. The senior class is organizing the talent show and requested that music be on a phone or web (ie you tube).  Acts should be no longer than 4 minutes.

There will be a math test and facts quiz this week but there will be no spelling test.


Monday: Review

Tuesday: Math test over long division

Wednesday/Thursday: double digit multiplication

  • SW multiply a two digit number by a two digit number (32 x 24). This will be taught in the traditional way.
  • Text book page 72
  • Work book page 57

Writing and Grammar

  • SW add illustrations to their small moment story they have been working on in class.
  • SW review helping verbs and linking verbs
  • SW learn about subject verb agreement. If the subject is singular an s needs to be added to the action verb. For example, cats jump vs. cat jumps



  • SW review concepts learned (homophones, compound words, synonyms, hyphenated words, words with multiple meanings, and portmanteau – breakfast and lunch make brunch)
  • SW be given independent reading time.