week of October 9th

Parent teacher conference schedules were sent home on Thursday. Conferences will be Thursday October 26th.

Progress reports will be sent home on Monday.

Field Trips

We will be going to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Recycling Center on Thursday. We will leave at 12:00 and be back by 2:45. If you have not signed the permission slip, please send it in on Monday.

Mrs. Reynolds organized the history fieldtrip to Brattonsville for the Civil War Reenactment. The reason it is on a Friday is that October 27th is the only day during the year this program is offered. Students will study the Civil War during history class.


Monday: factors and multiples

  • SW review factors and multiples
  • Extra Credit will be sent home to help study for the test.

Tuesday: Test on factors and multiples

Wednesday: Order of Operations

  • SW do mixed operations involving addition and subtraction without parentheses.
  • SW do mixed operations involving multiplication and division without parentheses.

Thursday: The four operations

  • SW do mixed operations involving all four operations.
  • There will be a quiz on the 3’s


  • SW select the meaning that best fits the context of a sentence when working with words having multiple meanings.
  • SW learn that words have a history that can be traced.
  • SW review the function of adverbs in a sentence. There will be an adverb test on Thursday. Extra credit will be sent home on Tuesday.