Week of October 2nd

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  • Completed work was sent home in Thursdays folder.
  • Reading logs were sent home in Thursdays folder. If your child reads 25 out of 30 days in October, your child will receive a book-it coupon for a free personal pizza at Pizza Hut.Â


Monday: Factors

  • SW determine if a 1 digit number is a factor of a given whole number by using division.Â
  • SW learn divisibility.
  • Text book page 29 and 30.
  • Work book page 23 through 25.

Tuesday: multiplesÂ

  • SW understand the concept of multiples.
  • SW relate factors to multiples.Â
  • SW determine if  whole number is a multiple of a one digit number.
  • SW list the multiples of a one digit number .
  • SW relate divisibility rules to multiples.Â
  • Text book page 33.

Wednesday: common multiples

  • SW find common multiples.
  • SW find the least common multiple.
  • Work book page 26 and 27
  • Text book page 35

Thursday: multiplesÂ

  • SW review what they learned about multiples.


  • SW read and discuss chapter 9 and 10 of Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing.

Writing and Grammar

  • This week will be focused on adverbs.
  • SW learn the comparing forms of adverbs.
  • SW learn that not can function as an adverb.
  • SW diagram adverbs.Â
  • SW join the cursive letter e, u, and I to other letters. Â