Week of October 23rd

  • Students will be dismissed at 11:00 on Thursday for parent teacher conferences.
  • On Thursday morning, the elementary student government will be making slime with the students. Please send in 50 cents (this covers the cost of the ingredients of the slime)
  • Completed work was sent home on Thursday in your child’s agenda.


Monday and Tuesday: mental calculation

  • SW use mental calculation to subtract from 10, 100, or 1,000.
  • SW use mental calculation to add or subtract a number close to 10,000 or 1,000
  • Text page 54 and 55
  • Work book page 42 – 46

Wednesday and Thursday: estimation

  • SW use estimation in addition and subtraction.
  • SW use problem solving.
  • Text page 56 and 57
  • Work book page 47 – 50
  • There will be another multiplication quiz on Thursday. Please check your child’s agenda to see what it will be on.


  • SW use individual words in compound words or hyphenated words to figure out the meaning of the compound or hyphenated word.
  • SW recognize the hyphen as a punctuation mark used to separate the parts of words (vice-president)
  • SW categorize words based on the kind of thing something is (hyphen, compound, hyphenated compound)

Grammar and Writing

  • We will continue writing their personal narrative based on small moment.
  • SW make sure their writing has description and detail.
  • SW make sure their writing is focused.