Week of October 16th


  • Monday: The four operations
  • SW do mixed operations involving all for operations.
  • TB page 39 and 40
  • WB page 30 and 31

Tuesday: word problems

  • SW solve word problems using order of operation.
  • SW write expressions for word problems.
  • SW fill in numbers to make both sides of the equation true.
  • TB page 40 and 41
  • WB page 32 and 33

Wednesday: Review

  • SW review concepts learned this year
  • WB page 38 and 39

Thursday: addition

  • SW add numbers vertically.
  • SW subtract numbers vertically.
  • SW find the unknown.
  • TB page 51 – 53
  • WB page 40 and 41


  • SW realize that words have a history that can be traced.
  • SW use the dictionary to look up meanings of unknown words.
  • SW use the context of a sentence to help determine the meaning of a word.

Writing and Grammar

  • SW learn the function of a helping verb in a sentence.
  • SW learn the most common helping verbs (am, are, can, could, did, do, does, had, has, have, is, may, must, should, was, were, and will).
  • SW identify the helping verbs in a sentence.
  • SW work on narrative writing.
  • SW focus on writing about one topic or moment.
  • SW add detail to their writing.