October 9-12, 2017


  1. Please continue to sell the Go Play Save coupon books.
  2. Please continue to bring in Box Tops for Education.
  3. Parent -teacher conferences are coming up. If you can not make the scheduled time or day please email me and we will find another day or time that works better for you.
  4. This week we will begin math centers during math time. This means the teacher will have a mini lesson on the days topic for up to 15 minutes (whole group). Then students will be divided up. One group will play Math games centered around that weeks Math lesson and/or games from past concepts. The second group will practice math facts on xtramath.org and lastly, the third group will meet with the teacher for a longer lesson and work on the workbook problems. Each group will rotate stations during the math block. This allows  the students to have more one on one time with the teacher to go over new concepts and gain a better understanding. Smaller groups also helps struggling students get more attention and help that they need.

MATH~ Addition without renaming

Monday- Adding a Two-Digit Number

  • The student will add a two-digit number to a two-digit number or three-digit number, without renaming, using the standard algorithm.
  • Textbook pages 33
  • Workbook pages 38 and 39

Tuesday- Adding a Three-Digit Number

  • The student will add within 1000, without renaming, using the standard algorithm for addition. The student will solve word problems involving addition within 1000, without renaming.
  • Textbook pages 34
  • Workbook pages 27 and 28
  • Extra Credit will go home

Wednesday- Review

  • The teacher will review the above concepts with the class
  • Extra Practice pages

Thursday- Test on Addition without Renaming

  • Test


Monday- The teacher will read Henry and Mudge and the Forever Sea. The teacher will ask comprehension questions about the story.

  • The teacher will introduce character traits to the class. Th teacher and student will list character traits about themselves.
  • The students will create a character trait mobile about themselves.

Tuesday- The students will list character traits about Henry. Then they will use those traits to complete an H chart ( a Venn diagram in the shape of an H)

  • The students will make a character trait slinky about Henry.

Wednesday- The teacher will reread Henry and Mudge and the Forever Sea. The teacher will introduce when to use capitols besides at the beginning of a sentence. The students will learn to capitalize names, specific places, Months, Days of the Week, Titles of Books, etc. The teacher will review verbs, nouns, and complete sentences with the class.

Thursday- Reading Comprehension test on Henry and Mudge.

  • The student will continue learning about capitalization.


Monday- The students will learn how to respond to journal prompts. The students will use their journal checklists bookmark as they are responding to their first journal prompt.

Tuesday-  The teacher will model how to write in their journals using the prompt I get excited when…

  • The students will use the prompt I get excited when… and write about it in their writing journals.

Wednesday- Students will make a journal writing tip booklet and include helpful suggestions for making the most of their journal writing time. Students will write in their journal This summer I…

Thursday- The teacher will model how to expand their writing and make it better. The students will write in their journals “Our classroom is…” The students goal will be to add and expand their writing.


Mrs. Noviello and Mrs. Greens group will introduce and review /oa/ as in goat this week.