October 30-November 2, 2017


  1. Please continue to bring in Box Tops for Education.
  2. Morningstar’s Fall Festival is tomorrow.
  3. Taco Party on Thursday in the afternoon.

Math- Addition with Renaming

Monday- Renaming Twice

  • The students will add within 1000, where renaming occurs in both the ones and the tens.
  • Textbook pages 43 and 44
  • Workbook pages 52-54.

Tuesday- Adding Three Numbers

  • The students will add three numbers within 1000.
  • Textbook page 45.
  • Workbook pages 55 and 56.
  • Extra Credit will go home today.

Wednesday- Practice

  • The students will practice the above concepts and last weeks concepts of adding with renaming.
  • Extra Practice pages.

Thursday- Test

  • Test on addition with renaming.

ELA~ Dragons Love Tacos, Invitations, Adjectives, Verbs

Monday- The teacher will read Dragons Love Tacos to the class. The class will listen carefully for excellent words/strong vocabulary (adjectives, verbs).  Students will write strong words on sticky notes from the text. They will add the sticky notes to a class word chart. Students will then practice writing strong sentences with these words.


  • Students will create their dragon craft. On the flame they will write strong adjectives and or verbs from the story. These will be used to create their Taco Party invites.

Tuesday- The teacher will reread Dragons Love Tacos to the class.


  • The students will begin creating their invitations to their taco party using strong words from yesterdays lesson.
  • Students will write in their writing notebook and focus on one of their writing goals. They will have a partner help critique their writing.

Wednesday- The students will complete their invitation if they have not done so. The students will read their invitations to the class. Each one will be a little different and unique.


  • Students will write about a certain topic in their writing journal. Once they have finished their partner will read their writing and critique it by being helpful and not hurtful.

Thursday- Reading Comprehension Test on Dragons Love Tacos and a TACO PARTY!!! Yum!!

  • The taco party will start at 2:00 pm so please bring a lunch.


Mrs. Noviello’s group will review oo that says /oo/ as in moon and foot.

Mrs. Morrow’s group will be introduced to ir and ur.