October 23-26,2017


  1. Please bring in 50 cents for slime day on Thursday. Also the Elementary Student Government is asking that the students wear pink and if they do not own anything pink then yellow or gold. The pink is for Breast Cancer Awareness and a portion of the slime money will go to Breast Cancer Awareness.
  2. Half day this Thursday October 26, 2017.
  3. Parent-teacher conferences this Thursday as well.

Math~ Addition with Renaming

Monday- Adding Ones or Tens Mentally

  • The student will add ones or tens to a three-digit number, mentally.
  • Textbook page 40
  • Workbook pages 46

Tuesday- Renaming Ones

  • The student will add within 1000, where renaming occurs in the ones.
  • Textbook pages 40 and 41
  • Workbook pages 47 and 48

Wednesday- Renaming Tens

  • The student will add within 1000, where renaming occurs in the tens.
  • Textbook pages 42 and 43
  • Workbook pages 49-51

Thursday- No Math due to it being a half day



Monday- The teacher will read, I Wanna Iguana by Karen Orloff. The teacher will ask comprehension questions about the text.

  • The students will learn that the authors purpose for this book is persuasion. (The boy in the story wants an Iguana and tries to persuade his mother that he should have one. The boy writes his mother letters and she writes back to him.) The students will learn how to write a letter. We will also review adjectives.

Tuesday- The teacher will reread, I Wanna Iguana to the class. The students will draw a picture of themselves and then write a persuasive letter. An example would be

Dear Mom,

I would like a cat. I will take care of the cat every day. I will feed the cat and play with it.

Love your responsible daughter,


Wednesday- Comprehension Test on I Wanna Iguana.


Monday- The teacher will introduce writing character traits that the students should use during their writing time. Students will role play strong writing characteristics. Students will write in their journal.

Tuesday- Students will make the Write On! Goals craft. Then they will set 3-4 goals to begin the year and slide them into their pocket. They can glue this craft into their writing notebook/journal.

They will also need to glue the Goals MetĀ strip onto a separate sheet of paper in their journals. Each time they consistently meet a goal, they glue that onto the Goals Met side and write a new goal to work towards.

Wednesday- The students will practice writing in their writing journal.


Phonics– The students will review ee that says /ee/ as in bee.