October 16-19, 2017


  1. Please bring in leaves, acorns, and small sticks for your child to create a Leaf man or woman. They have until Wednesday to bring in these items. If you only have leaves or you are not able to bring these items in that is ok. I will have some for the class to share.
  2. Parent-teacher conferences are on October 26th. This is a half day.
  3. Please continue to sell those Go Play Save books or if you are not able too then return them to school or you will be charged for the coupon book.
  4. Morningstar is asking for parents to please donate a bag of candy if you are going to attend their Fall Festival on October 31st.

Math~ Subtraction without Regrouping

Monday- Subtracting a Two- Digit Number

  • The student will subtract a two-digit number from a two-digit or three-digit, without renaming, using the standard algorithm.
  • Textbook page 36.
  • Workbook pages 42 and 43.

Tuesday- Subtracting a Three- Digit Number

  • The students will subtract within 1000, without renaming, using the standard algorithm for addition.
  • The student will solve word problems involving subtraction within 1000, without renaming.
  • Textbook page 37.
  • Workbook pages 44 and 45
  • Extra Credit goes home

Wednesday- Review

  • The students will review the above concepts.

Thursday- Test

  • The students will take a test on the above concepts.


ELA ~ Adjectives, Leaf Man, Peer Editing

Monday- The teacher will read Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert to the class. The teacher will ask reading comprehension questions to the class.

  • The teacher will review nouns and verbs. The teacher will introduce adjectives to the class using a flipchart on the Promethean board.
  • The students will describe themselves using adjectives.

Writing- The teacher will introduce peer editing.

  • The students will learn how to be helpful and not hurtful when editing their peers writing.

Tuesday- The teacher will review adjectives with the class.

  • The students will complete a fall poem using adjectives.

Writing- The students will review what they learned yesterday about critiquing someone else’s writing.

  • Students will write about their best friends in their writing journal.

Wednesday- The teacher will reread Leaf Man to the class.

  • If there are not enough leaves then the students will collect leaves from outside to create a leaf man or woman.
  • The students will write about if they were a leaf man or woman.

Thursday- Reading Comprehension Quiz on Leaf Man.

  • Quiz on Adjectives


Mrs, Noviello and Mrs. Greens group will continue to review the sounds of /o/ as in /oa/, /ow/, /ou/, and /oe/.

Mrs. Morrows group will review soft g and soft c.