November 27-30, 2017

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

Please continue to bring in Box Tops for Education.

Math– Length

Monday- Nonstandard Units

  • The student will measure length in nonstandard units.
  • The student will recognize that the shorter the unit, the more units are needed to measure an object.
  • Textbook pages 59 and 60.
  • Workbook page 72.

Tuesday- Meters

  • The student will understand the meter as a unit of measurement.
  • The student will estimate and measure length to the nearest meter.
  • The student will add and subtract lengths in meters.
  • Textbook page 61 and 62.
  • Extra Practice pages 47 and 48.

Wednesday -Practice meters and nonstandard units.

  • Extra Credit Test B will go home.

Thursday- Test on meters and nonstandard units.

ELA~Fact and Opinion

Monday- The teacher will read The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett to the class. The teacher will ask comprehension questions about the text. The students will learn the difference between Fact and Opinion. The teacher will use a Flipchart to show the difference between the two.

Writing- The students will review what adjectives and adverbs are. The students will begin writing their rough draft about an ugly Christmas sweater. The students will choose and ugly Christmas sweater and color it.

Tuesday- The teacher will read facts about Caribou to the class. The students will write down facts about caribou.

Writing- The students will begin writing about their ugly Christmas sweater.

Wednesday-The teacher will reread The Wild Christmas Reindeer to the class.

Writing- The students will revise and edit their writing.

Thursday- Comprehension Test on The Wild Christmas Reindeer.

Writing- The students will publish their writing.


Mrs. Noviello’s group will review past concepts this week and take the end of S