November 13-16, 2017


  1. Please bring in the $5 for the Thanksgiving feast and the assigned food as soon as possible.
  2. Our class will be going to the Enslow’s house to make the pumpkin bread for the Thanksgiving feast on Monday, November 20th. A field trip form will be sent home to sign, this gives permission for myself, Mrs. Green, and Mrs. Enslow to drive your child to and from the school.

Math~Subtraction with Renaming

Monday- Renaming Hundreds

  • The student will subtract within 1000, where renaming occurs in the hundreds.
  • Textbook page 50
  • Workbook pages 59 and 60.

Tuesday- Renaming Twice

  • The students will subtract within 1000, where renaming occurs in both the tens and the hundreds.
  • Textbook pages 52 and 53
  • Workbook pages 61 and 62
  • Extra Credit will go home.

Wednesday- Renaming from Hundreds, Practice

  • The students will subtract when a hundred must be renamed as 9 tens and 10 ones.
  • Textbook page 54
  • Workbook pages 63 and 64

Thursday- Test on Subtraction with Renaming

ELATurk and Runt, Adjectives, Adverbs, Pie in a Cup Writing

Monday- The teacher will read, Turk and Runt to the class. The teacher will ask discussion questions after reading the text.

  • Students will make the turkey craft and write a letter to one of the main characters. What would you say to Turk, Runt, or one of the villains?
  • The teacher will review what an adjective is and then use posters to introduce adverbs to the students.
  • Adverb and Adjective Flip Flap Sort Activity: Students read the sentence and find either the adjective or adverb. Students highlight the adjectives and adverbs in the sentences. Then, students cut out the sentences and glue under the correct flap

Writing– The students will revise and/or edit their Pie in a Cup writing.

Tuesday- The teacher will make inferences to the class. We use our schema and what the text says to read between the lines.

  • Flip Flap: I Can Infer Activity- Students use the statements from the text to make inferences. -Reading Passages
  • Adverb Helmet Booklet: In this booklet students use the verb and adverb to make a sentence about football.

Writing– The students will begin publishing their How to Make Pie in a Cup.

Wednesday-Read the Nonfiction Turkey book. Discuss the difference between the nonfiction and fiction texts that we have read this week. Locate important facts and discuss the main idea from each page.

  • Students will use the turkey fact flip flaps in their spirals to record four facts about turkeys.
  • Find the Adverbs: Students read the sentences from the cards and look for adverbs. Students write the adverbs on their recording sheet.

Writing– The students will continue to publish their How to Make Pie in a Cup.

Thursday- Reread Turk and Runt with the class. Students will describe Turk and Runt using the anchor chart as a guide. What suggestions do you have for the family?

  • Turk and Runt Flip Flaps- students write five things about each character.
  • Circle the Adverbs: Students read the sentences and either circle or highlight the adverbs.
  • Reading Comprehension Test on Turk and Runt.

Writing– The students will write in their writing journals How to ride a bike if they have completed publishing their Pie in a Cup.


Mrs. Noviello’s group will be introduced to /ie/ that says /I/ as in pie.