Kindergarten May 15-June 8th, 2017

****************************** Four More Weeks of School*********************************


****Please send $1.00 by May 31st for our Elementary class Party  ++++++++++*********

***We will have  dress rehearsals Tuesday May 23 for a play Mrs. Sharrona’s  Chapel play will be presented on June 6th at 2:00

***May 31 Royal Tea Party 10:00-11:00 Pease send dress up clothes and after PE the children will prepare for the Royal Tea Party

***June 2  Friday 8:00- 11:30Field Day in CSCL

  1. Boys please wear blue shirts and tennis shoes
  2. Girls please wear gray shirts and tennis shoes   (Please no sandals)
  3. Firetrucks from the local Fire Department will come at 11:00 to shower the kids with water it is GREAT FUN !!!

***June 7th CSCL  Kindergarten Graduation 10:00am  11:00am 

******The children will be released into your care after Graduation ****************

***June 8th LAST DAY OF SCHOOL 1/2 DAY SHOOL DISMISSAL AT 11:00 *********

Really important dates to put on your calendar

**** Math …The rest of time in school we will be learning how to tell time in Math and doing math 

problems  adding and subtracting.  Learning  to spell the days of week and the months of the year.

****Phonics  Review and learning how to double …ss…ll…ff….zz   in one syllable words  they will learn    would, could, should also… lots of reading and writing from the board.

****Lots of practice for Graduation as well …

*****We are still celebrating our children Next we have; Lukas/Thomas James/and Ezra.……………… Parents do poster Board with photos and come in and celebrate their child in class sharing their stories with classmates. 

Please practice Bible Scriptures  W,  X,  Y,  Z,   we are finishing up our 26 scriptures for the year!

Blessings and much love to each as we work toward finishing this great race of Kindergarten

Linda Wentz