January 3-4, 2018


  1. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas Break!! I certainly did.
  2. Report Cards won’t be given out until the Parent Night next week.
  3. The class is finished with Science and this block they will have an hour of Art starting at 2pm.


  • Wednesday- The students will learn about Kilograms and grams.
  • Thursday- The teacher will review Kilograms and grams.


Wednesday- The teacher will read My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother by Patricia Polacco. We will discuss how this is a personal narrative that the author wrote.

  • The students will begin brainstorming a personal narrative.

Thursday- The teacher will read another personal narrative by Patricia Polacco called Thank you, Mr. Falker.

  • The students will use their brainstorming sheet to begin writing their personal narrative.


The students will review soft c that’s says /s/ and soft g that says /j/.