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Senior Reminders: October 20, 2016

imagesGreetings Students and Parents!

We have entered the school year at a fast pace and Seniors are submitting college applications, completing campus visits, and taking the SAT/ACT, and of course, doing fabulously in all their courses. 🙂

Please check the college board website for dates for the SAT and the ACT and to register for these tests. Students can still register for the November 5 (until Oct. 25) sitting of the SAT but will incur a late fee at this point. The next administration will be December 3 with regular registration closing on November 3.

A reminder regarding the FAFSA:  the FAFSA now uses the previous, previous tax year to determine scholarship eligibility and your “estimated family contribution.” (EFC) So, for our current seniors, you will use information from the 2015 tax year. This is not optional. You can not opt to use a different year. Additionally, because of the change in tax year used, it now allows completion of the FAFSA to begin in October rather than January as was the previous time frame.

In short, NOW  is the time for Seniors to complete the FAFSA. The federal deadline for completing it is June 30. However, most states and most universities require the information from the FAFSA to determine any monies that they will be awarding  so you should plan to submit by January 30, 2017 to ensure that you are considered for state and school level awards.

One last reminder:  When universities are determining scholarship awards, both academic and need based, they will consider students in order of their application date to the school. Please keep in mind…schools do not consider you an applicant until they have submitted both your application and your application fee. Therefore, you are not officially considered for monies they have available until you have paid your application fee.

I hope these reminders help during this busy time for our Seniors.

Sheila Lester

Guidance Adviser