First Grade News – Sept. 14

First Grade News Sept. 14
Dear wonderful families,
Thank you for the supplies and book orders. We are off to a great start this year. We are working on routines and stepping up to being in First Grade. Although we don’t send home homework, reading and working on the math facts with your child are two excellent things you can do to improve your child’s year.
Here is a summary of what we will be studying next week:
• Begin Level 2 in the SPIRE phonics series. flsz doubling rule: In a 1 syllable word with a short vowel with f, l, s, or z at the end – you double the final consonant.
• Unit 3 Addition – we will be learning addition up to ten, pp. 28-39 in the workbook.
• Math test on Thursday
• Handwriting practice – lines and circles. Try to emphasize making the letters the same size and watch that your child starts from the top
• Journal writing – Writing 2 complete sentences

• Fluency practice with phonics readers
• High frequency words at an individual level
• Words this week: bet, get, jet, let, met, net, pet, set, vet, wet
• Sentence with a capital and a period: I let the jet get wet.
• Test on Thursday
• Read 20 minutes each day and practice the first 25 high frequency words.
• Send in your Boxtops for Education.
• Wear tennis shoes and send in a water bottle every day.
• Send in any GO-PLAY-SAVE money, requests for more books, or returned books.
Have a great week.
Mrs. Rensink