First Grade News – Nov. 21st

First Grade News Nov. 21st
Dear wonderful families,
We had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving together as a school. Thank you for sending in your money and contributions of food. You helped make it all happen.
Here is a summary of what we will be studying next week:
 “se” makes the z sound at the end of a word like rose
 Unit 7 – Shapes
 Test on Thursday

 Handwriting practice
 Journal writing – Writing complete sentences with a capital and period
 Writing an original story with 2 characters and a problem

 Fluency practice with phonics readers
 High frequency words at an individual level
 Practicing comprehension and recognizing characters in a story
 Words this week: bang, fang, gang, hang, rang, sang, tang, clang, sprang, went
 Sentence with a capital and a period: It went bang and clang as it rang.
 Test on Thursday
Read 20 minutes each day and practice the first 50 high frequency words. Fill in the reading calendar to receive a free book and free pizza certificate at the end of each month. Send in your Boxtops for Education. Wear tennis shoes and send in a water bottle every day.
Have a great week.
Blessings, Mrs. Rensink