First Grade News – Nov. 2

First Grade News November 2
Nov.9 at 2 pm – Elementary Showcase in the Chapel
Dear wonderful families,
This last week was the final week for the GO PLAY SAVE fundraiser. Please turn in any money that you collected or unsold books. We have begun block 2 and our schedule remains the same. PE is still on Monday and Tuesday. Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes. Each week your child also has Bible, Art, Drama, Music, Library, Health and Chinese. Send in the October Book-It reading calendar for a free book and a free pizza certificate.
Here is a summary of what we will be studying next week:
• the silent e that makes the preceding vowel say its name, as in: make, pike, tote and mule
• Continuation of Unit 6 – Numbers to 20
• Placement value
• Adding to ten and regrouping into a ten

• Handwriting practice – Numbers
• Journal writing – Writing 3 complete sentences with a capital and period
• Using two characters and a problem to write a story
• Fluency practice with phonics readers
• High frequency words at an individual level
• Practicing comprehension and recognizing characters in a story
• Words this week: ink, blink, link, drink, pink, rink, sink, stink, wink, think
• Sentence with a capital and a period: I think the ink in the sink is pink.
• Test on Thursday
• Read 20 minutes each day and practice the first 50 high frequency words. Fill in the calendar to receive a free book and free pizza certificate at the end of each month. Send in your Boxtops for Education. Wear tennis shoes and send in a water bottle every day.
Have a great week.
Blessings, Mrs. Rensink