First Grade News – January 3, 2018

First Grade News – Jan.3, 2018
No School – Jan. 15
Dear wonderful families,
Block three has begun and we have a few changes to our schedule. This block your child still has PE on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please have them wear tennis shoes on those days. Our other enrichment courses are Bible, Library, Drama, Music, Chinese and History. In class we are turning more attention to writing and laying good foundational skills for building a paragraph.
Here is what we are doing this week:
• Level 3: the open syllable
• Begin unit on Capacity – Unit 10
• Reading leveled readers for fluency and increased vocabulary • Practice high frequency words • Practice comprehension skills in reading recognizing characters, setting and story line
• Journal writing – developing sentence skills • Handwriting practice • Using punctuation and knowing where a sentence begins and ends
• Words this week: by, cry, fly, fry, my, shy, sky, multiply, try, why • Sentence: Why try to multiply? Test on next Thursday

REMINDERS: Turn in the December reading calendar for a free book and a certificate for a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. Practice the first 75 high frequency words and your math facts.
Mrs. Rensink