February 13-16, 2017

Important Information:
  1. Our Kindness Challenge continues this week. Be on the lookout for kind acts at home!
  2. Lunch/Recess Monitors Needed – Can you offer 60-90 minutes during the day? If so, please contact Angela Reed at
  3. Please encourage your third grader to read a “just right” book (right at their independent level) every night. Studies show that the more kids read books right at their level, the better reader they become!
  4. Tuesday of this week, we will have a Valentine’s Day party! Third graders are invited to bring in a valentine for each of their classmates. A class list went home last week. If they would like, they may also bring a snack to share with classmates.
  5. Lower school goes to the Bob Jones Vision Center for chapel on Tuesday afternoon.


  • LW review and practice subtraction strategies.
  • LW practice how to dissect a word problem, find the key information, and decide what to do to solve the problem.
  • LW memorize multiples of 6. Instead of just skip counting, please help your child to memorize their multiplication facts. They can also work on memorizing/reviewing their 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10s. Speed quiz THIS Thursday.
  • LW review rounding.

Language Arts:

  • LW review subject and predicate.
  • LW comprehend and summarize chapters in Charlotte’s Web.
  • LW build stamina in reading.
  • LW practice reading stations in preparation for small group reading and guided reading.

Black History: Third graders are learning about African American men and women who have transformed the world around them.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.