Fearless Writers December 4-7


· Spelling Knowledge: /ch/ can be spelled ch or tch. Use tch at the end of a word or syllable directly after a single short vowel. Use ch at the beginning of a word, after a consonant, and after two vowels.

· Directly teach spelling rules and examples. Also learn exceptions and words with suffixes.

· Complete pp. 34-35 in How To Spell Workbook 3.

· Copy and learn spelling words:

1. patch 11. scorch

2. stretch 12. munching

3. screech 13. pitcher

4. teach 14. stitch

5. pinch 15. hatchet

6. drench 16. rich

7. ditch 17. much

8. blotch 18. sandwich

9. snatch 19. attach

10. crunch 20. detach


· Grammar lesson on adverbs: Focus on how to use -ly words to expand the predicate from Unit 2, Skill 2 in Framing Your Thoughts. Explain the placement of adverbs in the sentence. Give students guided practice on whiteboard and in their sentence builder folders.

· Using p. 2-37 and an intermediate –ly list, as support, students practice writing several bare bone sentences adding where and how expanders.


· Spelling pretest

· Writing Workshop: Students will work on creating a class covenant. Mrs. Griffin will be joining us for this project.


· Spelling Test

· Writing Workshop: Students will continue writing final copies of the Thanksgiving writing prompts.