Elementary History Oct. 9 – Oct. 12

Grade 3 World History


  • Read and discuss Chap. 12 about the Islamic Invasion in Spain and Africa.
  • Complete Islamic Empire map work on student p. 42.
  • Dress up student in Moorish ruler’s tunic, robe, and turban.
  • Students color page of a Moorish mosque and fountain on student p. 44.


  • Read and discuss the great kings of France; Charles, the Hammer and Charlemagne from Chap. 13.
  • Complete map work on student p. 47.
  • Activity: Make a Charlemagne’s crown from student p. 53 out of card stock or poster board. Cut out and decorate with markers and glitter glue.
  • Students color Charlemagne on student p. 49.

Thursday – Mrs. Reynolds will be on the 4th and 5th Grade field trip, so Mrs. Griffin will be teaching this class.

  • Introductory Activity: students watch YouTube video clips of the building and launching of a Viking ship. (Dragon Harold Fairhair) for six minutes.
  • Read and discuss the arrival of the Norsemen in Chap. 13.
  • Complete map work of Viking Lands on student p. 54.
  • Activity: Students will begin to make a Viking boat from student p.56-57.


Grade 4 US History and Geography


  • Learn the Southern states and capitals by watching and singing along with a video.
  • Discuss Sir Francis Drake and write in our explorer worksheet.
  • Finish Explorer Cards and play a matching game to review for a test on Wednesday.


  • Explorers test
  • Read and discuss The First Americans, Chapter 3, in the History of Our United States.
  • Complete coloring pages of Native American homes, a tepee and a pueblo dwelling.


  • 4th and 5th Grade Field trip to the recycling plant in Charlotte, NC.