Elementary History Oct. 2 – Oct. 5

Grade 3 World History


  • Finish Chinese printing activity with Joy Farwell
  • Read and discuss the long journey of the Maori, pp.92-96 in Chap. 10.
  • Activity: Read interesting facts about the New Zealand kiwi, national symbol, www.kidworldcitizen.org and show picture.
  • Activity: Color a Maori warrior on student p. 38.


  • Students complete project while teacher reads excerpts from an article about Smith Wigglesworth’s visit to New Zealand in 1922 from revival-library.org, New Zealand’s Greatest Revival, by H.V. Roberts.
  • Read and answer comprehension questions about Australia and New Zealand.


  • Students learn about the Frankish Empire under Clovis, the ex-barbarian by reading and discussing Chap. 11, pp. 97-101.
  • Activity: Color code student page 39 map study with guided practice.
  • Activity:  Color picture of Clovis on student p.40.
  • Read and answer comprehension questions about Chapter 11.


Grade 4 U.S. History and Geography


Monday and Wednesday

  • Students will read and discuss pp. 17-22, Chapter 2, “The Years of Exploration” in The History of Our United States.
  • Class oral review with Chapter 2 Checkup on p. 23.
  • Students will study for Eastern States test with a video and a matching card activity.


  • Eastern states test
  • Activity: make study cards for Explorers of North America Test next Wednesday, October 11. Students will study in pairs. They can role play to help their partner get the correct answer.