Elementary History Dec. 11 – Dec. 14

Grade 3 World History


  • Learn about the civil was for the English throne called the Wars of the Roses.
  • Complete student pp.112 and 113.
  • Complete map work of England during the time of the Wars of the Roses – student p.111.


  • In Chap.28, learn about the Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal.  Explore the lives of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain and Henry the Navigator of Portugal.
  • Color student p.119.
  • Complete map study – student p.118.
  • Watch YouTube: 10 Most Beautiful Castles in Spain (6 min. 17 sec.). Look at Medieval Spanish castles and draw one of your own.


Grade 4 U.S. History and Geography


This week, we will conclude our study of the First Thirteen Colonies.  We will meet on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • We will finish our Thirteen Colonies Time Line.
  • We will read and discuss the Middle and Southern Colonies in Chapter 6 in The History of Our United States.
  • We will learn about a southern plantation and follow directions to match the descriptions of the buildings found on the plantation to pictures on a map.
  • We will continue to learn the Middle States and Capitals with a video and a song.
  • WEDNESDAY – test on Middle States and Capitals and last day of history class party!