December 4-7, 2017


  1. Please continue to bring in Box Tops for Education.
  2. Please fill out the field trip form for The Nutcracker~ which is on December 13th.
  3. Our class will have tumbling this Wednesday for P.E. class so please have your child wear appropriate clothing and closed toed shoes.
  4. The Christmas showcase will be on Thursday, December 14th at 2:00pm.  Mrs. Sharrona is asking that your child wear a white shirt and white gloves. More information will be sent home about this soon.


Monday- Centimeters

  • The student will understand the centimeter as a unit of measurement.
  • The student will estimate and measure length to the nearest centimeter.
  • Textbook page 65 and 66.
  • Workbook pages 73-75

Tuesday-Curved Lengths

  • The students will measure curved lines, using string.
  • The students will measure with a measuring tape.
  • Textbook page 68.
  • Workbook pages 76 and 77.

Wednesday- Review of Centimeters and Curved Lengths

  • Extra Practice pages 49 and 50.
  • Extra Credit, Test B will go home.

Thursday- Test on Centimeters and Curved Lengths

English Language Arts– Caribou, How To, Research

Monday-The students will begin reindeer research with the reindeer schema chart. Students will use the KWL printable to write what they know, wonder, and learn this week. The students will begin researching by using some of the websites or nonfiction books.

Writing- Students will brainstorm things they are good at and would be able to write a How To about.

Tuesday-Reindeer Fact Finders: Students use their reindeer fact finders to look for facts using specific websites. Students begin their reindeer research graphic organizer. They will use the graphic organizer to collect information throughout the week while reading and researching.

Writing- Students will choose a topic and begin writing their How To

Wednesday- Fact vs Opinion: The teacher will discuss facts and opinions with the students. Using statements printed on paper, sort the facts and opinions as a class . Students will continue to research and add more facts to their graphic organizer. Students will begin working on their reindeer research booklet.

Writing- Students will continue to write their how to or if they are finished they will move onto revising their writing. The teacher will go over using vivid verbs during writing.

Thursday- Research Booklet: Students use their graphic organizer and work from this week to create their reindeer research booklets. Students will take their information and turn it into sentences. Each page has a place for a page title so that students can organize their work.

Writing- The students will continue to work on their How To writing by going through the writing process.