December 18th and 19th


  1. Monday afternoon we will have the Elementary Class Party. Please bring in $1 for  this if you have not done so already.
  2. Our class party will be on Tuesday which is also a  half day. Please bring in a snack for the class and this is a great time for the kids to bring in presents for the class.
  3. Pick up Tuesday at 11:00 am.


  • Phonics with Phonics groups
  • The class will create a Christmas ornament.
  • The class will create a Christmas Glyph.
  • The teacher will read The Littlest Christmas Elf to the class.
  • The students will go to the Elementary Party!!


  • Pass presents
  • Watch a Christmas movie
  • Eat Snacks
  • Play in the gym
  • Watch the 5th Grade shoot off their volcanoes.