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The Arts Explosion was HUGE success and so much fun… what a tremendous gift we have here at CSCL  Mrs. Sharrona Watson and Miss Blue, they did a fantastic job of leading our elementary class in drama.  We are a blessed and talented school for sure.

*****************************************************************************************Thanks already to all the parents who are making Teachers Appreciation Week so wonderful we had a delicious Mexican meal for lunch and all the teachers said yummy <3 Well I did the others said different expressions of appreciation like WOW this is Great and I LOVE Mexican food and YESSSSSSS this is my favorite food ever <3  <3  <3  the deserts are out of this world!

*8:00-8:30 Arrive Pledges/ Prayer/Calendar A Great way to start the day

*8:30-9:00 PE

*9:00-9:30 Music/Drama/Bible/Show and Tell

*9;40-10;30  Snack/Phonics Review of all letters and blends this week

*10:30-11:00 Exercise outside or in gym

*11:00-11:40 Math Money Money Money

*11:40-1:00 Lunch/play/Rest

*1:00-2:00 Centers Mrs. Rynsick

*2:00-2:55 Science Mrs. Hogan

Please go over Bible scriptures with you child and practice reading daily only for 10 minutes.

Flash cards with numbers is great too.

***I will send home a Field trip consent form to Lazy 5 Ranch for next Tuesday. Blessings and much LOVE to each and everyone of you… <3*********************************************

Kindergarten November 13th-16th, 2017

 Note to Parents ****(be sure and check your child’s backpack for important papers)  CSCL Kindergarten year is racing by….Here we are getting ready for Thanksgiving next week WOW  ***REMEMBER TO SEND    $5.00   and    apples for our Thanksgiving Feast… just give the money and apples to Biz… ****** Next Week is a short week …

October 9-12, 2017

We are into PUMPKINS… literally…  we weighed it 14 lbs 6  oz  34 ins around  and we cut it open & are counting the seeds and I will bake them and salt them and we will eat them  YUM YUM and I  will also try baking the PUMPKIN and who knows maybe baking a pumpkin …

Kindergarten October 2-5,2017

Fall is here as our new season  October is the month of splendor  lots of color in the leaves and change all around… cooler weather and PUMPKIN everything   We will eat Pumpkin pancakes and go to a Pumpkin Patch on a field trip this month details coming SOOOOON so check your child’s folder each …

Kindergarten SEPTEMBER 18-21, 2017

We had a Terrific week  and we are looking forward to another.  September is a vey exciting month.  This week we will celebrate Mrs. Midgley and my Birthday   I scream you scream we all scream for ICE CREAM…. So Ice cream sundaes   will be had by all on Tuesday September 19th.************************************************************************************ Our little …

Kindergarten September 5-7 2017

                                                                        Welcome to CSCL Kindergarten 2017-2018 This is going to be a very exciting time with 11 fabulous children who are little Princes and Princesses in King Jesus Kingdom School. We will start the first week of school  for the children to  become familiar with the Kingdom Ways and Habits… We will practice until it …

Kindergarten May 15-June 8th, 2017

****************************** Four More Weeks of School********************************* ******IMPORTANT & NOTE WORTHY CALENDAR EVENTS PLEASE MARK CALENDAR*** ****Please send $1.00 by May 31st for our Elementary class Party  ++++++++++********* ***We will have  dress rehearsals Tuesday May 23 for a play Mrs. Sharrona’s  Chapel play will be presented on June 6th at 2:00 ***May 31 Royal Tea Party 10:00-11:00 Pease send …


********************************FIELD TRIP******************************************* ******LAZY 5 RANCH ******TUESDAY MAY 9TH ******LEAVE AT 8:20 FROM CSCL PARKING LOT    bring car seat/lunch/water************ ******Free for student $10.00 for parents and if a sibling is coming ******We need permission slips signed  please be on time thank you so much ******Bring your camera…….. Sunscreen and Have Fun !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU SO …

Kindergarten April 24-27, 2017

  *We had Parent Teacher conferences they went great… I love talking with my parents so much. Everybody was able to come THANK YOU ALL so much for all you do . As I discussed with each parent we had some spiritual doors open and I want each of you to know I asked Michael …

Kindergarten March 20-23, 27-30 2017

March ; Celebrate each child from here on until May… We Celebrated Robby Rogers Yeah Robby Rogers we celebrate your uniqueness and fabulous heart for Jesus.  HIs Mother Lora and Father Clint came in and talked about their wonderful son. We all were greatly blessed to hear all about Robby’s life so far. <3 *Next …

Kindergarten Mar 13 – 16

***Please check your child’s book bags each day for invitations and for reading assignments to practice.  Thanks Moms and Dads you are greatly loved and appreciated !!!******************   *8:00-8:30 Arrive Pledges/Calendar/ *8:30-9:00  PE *9:00-9:30 Music *9;30-10:30 Snack/ Phonics *10:30-10:40 Exercise outside *10:40-11:40 Math Unit 16 Addition and Subtraction *11:40-1:00 Lunch/Play/Rest *1:00-1:30 Health *1:30-2:45 Review Phonics/Bible …

Kindergarten March 6-9, 2017

  ************************Happy Birthday to all the March babies <3************************  *Thomas James had his 7th Birthday and we celebrated last Thursday  * Rosie Joy also celebrated her 6th Birthday on Saturday at the Park we celebrate each child and thank God for sharing these amazing little ones with us.  They are all so priceless and precious …

Kindergarten Feb.27-March 2, 2017

Welcome a brand new month MARCH as we march ahead into great and marvelous Adventures with Jesus in our Kindergarten classroom. The Hearts are coming down and Kites are going up… “Let’s Go Fly A Kite”   Mary Poppins will be played this month and we will draw carousel horses so much fun… Oh Yes …