This year, we are excited to use our new CSCL Bible curriculum for junior high and high school students.  Our goals for our Bible program this year include:

  1. Teaching essential doctrines, with strong Biblical support
  2. Teaching students the basics of devotional prayer and Bible study
  3. Providing frequent opportunities for discipleship, spiritual growth, and activation of spiritual gifts.
  4. Opportunities for community outreach and ministry to others

In order to build school unity, our upper grades will be using the same workbook and focusing on the same core doctrines throughout the year.  This will allow us to reinforce key points in chapel and move forward together as a team.

Meet our Team!

Our upper grade Bible facilitators this year include:

  • Lathan Wood—Senior Pastor, Movement Church
  • Zach and Joy Rowe—Youth Pastors, Morningstar Fellowship
  • Nikki Braasch—Childrens’ Pastor, Morningstar Fellowship
  • Sheila Leister—Senior Bible teacher
  • Julie Brown—English Teacher, CSCL
  • Michael Fickess—Bible class teacher, author of the CSCL Bible curriculum series

Supply List:

  • Bible: Students must bring a print version of the Bible to class each day
    (Electronic Bibles/cell phone Bibles may be allowed for some class activations, but will not be used during active teaching time.)
  • Workbook: Students are each given one Bible curriculum workbook, which is covered under the “books and materials” fee.  Additional copies may be ordered through CSCL for $14.99 in the event that a parent would like their own copy or a student has lost his/her book.
  • Journal (optional): Consider purchasing a prayer journal for your student, for use at home and school.  This is a great way to promote self-reflection, hearing from the Lord, and valuing everything He speaks to our hearts.


  • We expect to experience the power and presence of God in our Bible class.  However, we also have rigorous academic expectations for our students.  Students will take three unit tests throughout the year, each covering nine key doctrines, corresponding scripture passages, and important vocabulary words.  The workbook includes many kinds of learning support to help students learn, succeed, and review for our tests.
  • Workbooks will be collected periodically and assessed for a participation grade.  Students who lose their workbooks will receive a 50% participation grade.  However, they may purchase a new workbook and complete it in order to make up the work.  (This policy is designed to instill responsibility and accountability in our students.