We seek to raise up the next generation of leaders with the cooperative effort of each family, the church at large, and the staff at school. We provide an atmosphere that encourages worship of the Creator, a love for learning, a desire for excellence, and the development of each student’s gifts, talents, and leadership skills.

Four Day Work Week

Classes are held Monday through Thursday. Fridays are free so that students may supplement their education by taking classes at nearby colleges, interning or apprenticing at local ministries or businesses, work at jobs, or further develop artistic and musical skills.

No Homework

We believe that overwhelming students with homework does not guarantee a good education nor does it encourage creative thought. Homework does not generate creativity, it crushes it.

What Visitors are saying about CSCL

From a parent who is moving from South Africa

Who would have thought school can be that loving, free and fun as at CSCL. To have a school
like this is all straight from the heart of Jesus.
Thank you for having us at your chapel service. I was undone by the awareness of the presence
of God during that special half hour.

From a Guidance counselor at Linville Hill Christian School, Pennsylvania

I was impressed with the teachers command of their students in each classroom and thus had
respect from the students.  Lots of smiles, nods, and engaged students of all ages.
Teachers were impressive in their ability to keep the students focused, engaged, and behavior
contained but not in a controlling manner.  They demonstrated their desire to teach and to have
each student understand what they are teaching.

From a teacher at Linville Hill Christian School, Pennsylvania

Things can be done differently and well.  The culture was great and I’ve been challenged to find ways we can make ours better.

From an educator at RL Turner HS, Carrollton, Texas

The kids were engaged with each other and not escaping to their cell phones all the time. I could tell they had built quality relationships with each other and the staff.
I also appreciated your boldness in trying new things, like the Artistic explosion. Events take
time, effort and energy. You are a true pioneer that will do what it takes to give these kids a
quality experience.

From the principal at Spring of Wisdom Learning Center, Malaysia

The Lord has particularly encouraged me when I saw the hearts of the male teachers. Their
hearts are so passionate for towards our Father's heart to father the children so creatively – with so much zeal and authority both among the senior students and the juniors.

From the director at CSCL Dallas, Texas

Talking with students of several different grades and how they all enjoyed school even if they didn’t like schoolwork so much. The exchange of honor between teachers and students was very encouraging to me.
I really enjoyed seeing how the students were impacted by the creative options as electives.
Almost all of the 8th graders were advising me that we need to replicate this in Dallas if it is
going to succeed.
I also loved the adults acceptance of the students while in the Prayer Center. There were adults
who were eager to listen to the children in what they were hearing from God. I was impacted by how many high school students would hold doors for people they heard coming up the stairs, even if the other person was all the way at the bottom. There were many that approached me and introduced themselves which is almost unheard of across the US.